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LETTER: Gov. Sisolak’s gym restrictions are over the top

It sure seems obvious that Gov. Steve Sisolak does not work out in agym, and I have no idea if he is a smoker. As someone who has workedout in a gym for many, many years, it would seem that people who workout are healthier than members of the general public, while people whosmoke would not seem as healthy. Yet the governor is punishing gyms,the people who own them and the people who work out and want (need) tobreathe while exerting a raised heartbeat and are already socialdistancing.

To my knowledge, there has been little if any issue at the gym ofpeople getting sick — certainly gyms are not the problem. The ownershave increased their cleaning and encouraged everyone to individuallyclean machines and weights before and after use. Masks were alreadyrequired when not on a particular machine that raises the heartbeat.

Yet he imposes no further limitation on smokers in a casino even though the act of smoking requires that the mask be pulled down or removed. The governor has not imposed a mask mandate on those who are smoking while gambling or while walking around, but I don’t necessarily care about that and use it only as an example. I am merely asking the governor to reconsider this mandate regarding the new gym restriction immediately.

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