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LETTER: Gov. Sisolak is killing the Nevada economy

So the National Finals Rodeo and $200 million in local revenue is “temporarily” moving to Texas in part because of the ill-advised COVID-19 policy restrictions still being imposed in Nevada by our Democrat governor (Wednesday Review-Journal). Will the move really be temporary?

What next as Gov. Steve Sisolak slowly but surely dismantles the Southern Nevada entertainment and tourism economy while hiding behind a pious mask of “safety” and “science”? The science and statistics are pretty clear that there is only a narrow segment of our elderly or medically compromised population that is seriously at risk from the coronavirus, yet Gov. Sisolak insists on staying his current course to short- and long- term economic devastation.

Nobody wants to contract the disease, but early intervention and treatment now has mitigated the risk of serious illness or death for nearly all people. New case statistics are no longer a valid measure of the seriousness of the disease if the vast majority of those infected have minor or no symptoms. Common sense and the facts before our very eyes seem to have escaped the governor on this issue.

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