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LETTER: Election time and the politicians emerge

It amazes me how visible our state and Washington representatives become around election time. Rep. Suzy Lee and Gov. Steve Sisolak at the lake with the EPA administrator touting the Inflation Reduction Act that will spend money saving Lake Mead. Whatever that has to do with inflation, I’ll never know. Then there’s Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto prancing all over the state touting what she has done for unions.

And we are paying their salaries for this.

Then there are the school board members. They fire then re-hire the superintendent and now it will cost us $95,000 to pay his lawyers — and the board members keep their jobs.

A lot of people call us on the right cry babies. Well, when this country goes to hell in a handbasket, you too may begin shedding tears. It will be too late, however, because you overlooked what your party was doing to destroy this country while accusing the other side of doing the same.

I say: Look in your own backyard before criticizing your neighbors.

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LETTER: It’s an orange cone conspiracy

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