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LETTER: Democrats just trying to help the regular people

I read a recent letter to the editor, “Just wondering,” in which the writer was concerned about three things: The Democrats’ handling of immigration, how critical President Joe Biden was of MAGA Republicans and the details of the Democrat agenda. Well, since he’s wondering …

There has never been a year in his lifetime that immigration wasn’t a problem. It is a problem this country has dealt with since the early 1900s. But, interestingly, in 2013, then-House Speaker John Boehner refused to pass a comprehensive Senate-approved bill on immigration and border protection, Why, you ask? Because it would have taken away the very outrage expressed in this and every election by the same party that killed that legislation.

The writer was also upset that Mr. Biden was critical of MAGA Republicans. It’s hard for me personally to find fault in the president’s observations. You see, I remember when someone else said these same people were just plain old deplorable. We had no idea they would go on to deny the outcome of a fair election and then try to attack and overthrow our democratic government to keep their dear leader in power.

Finally, I do know what the Democrat agenda is. It is to do for regular people what Republican administrations have been doing for the corporate and wealthy interests of this nation for 42 years. It is to make sure everyone receives a living wage, to remove undue restrictions to legally vote and to ensure that everyone has the right to make personal medical decisions about themselves. Dems also think it’s important to ensure that every American has access to affordable health care.

Essentially, the Democrat agenda is kinda like the agenda of every modern nation that isn’t the United States, where the response to such efforts to help the general population usually involve a noun, a verb and something about socialism.

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