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LETTER: DA should blame The Bail Project for man’s release

Updated January 3, 2022 - 9:09 pm

Regarding the Thursday article “Man got bail aid before shooting”: I don’t know anything about The Bail Project. But I do know that white, middle-class people such as me have an unfair advantage in the bail system. And District Attorney Steve Wolfson should acknowledge that. If Mr. Wolfson has a beef about bail in this case, he had his day in court to challenge it. Mr. Wolfson points his finger outside his office. He should do his job better.

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LETTER: Another mass shooting

How long before we hear Alex Jones claim that the children and adults killed in the Texas gun massacre were actors?

LETTER: Texas school shooting hits close to home

Wednesday morning, we received the news that one of our great-grandsons was too frightened to go to school. Too bad all senators and representatives did not get that same call.