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LETTER: COVID shots and bailouts

While the “bailout” mentality has always been around, it seems so much more prevalent these days. The man who hasn’t paid taxes in seven years now wants someone to bail him out by negotiating a settlement with the IRS. A woman uses her credit card as a source of income and then bemoans the high interest rates and her inability to pay. The career student hoping to garner a “dream” job by acquiring multiple degrees now wants to be forgiven his student loan debt.

Not wishing to appear unfair, I’ll concede in some instances there may be circumstances beyond their control. But I suspect in most cases it’s a question of personal choice with no regard for the consequences until it hits critical mass.

The vaccine issue has similarities. I’m now being asked to continue to wear a mask even though I’m fully vaccinated by an individual who, by choice, has decided to forego getting vaccinated for whatever reason and feels “uneasy” when in contact with an unmasked person. I fully support their choice of getting a vaccine or not, and I can understand their concern of “how do I know for sure you’re vaccinated and not just lying.” I’ll concede it’s a sticky situation made worse by the “privacy” folks, the ones who claim whether they are or aren’t is nobody’s business.

I urge rational people not to be one of those types. I’m certainly no proponent of a “show me your papers” society. However, since a shot card is issued, why all this negativity about showing it to someone? It takes so little effort, and if it “bails out” the mental “uneasiness” of a person who has to deal with the public for a living, so much the better. I plan on getting mine laminated. Want to see it? Just ask.

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