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LETTER: Coronavirus ‘myths’ and false narratives

On Aug. 21, the same day a front-page Review-Journal headline was published revealing “Record 38 virus deaths in Nevada,” the paper also published the Victor Joecks column, “Don’t believe these three COVID myths.” Throughout, Mr. Joecks uses the “false equivalency” argument, combined with skewed statistics, to make his case.

Initially, it has been well-publicized that coronavirus kills seniors more than juniors. But this does not stop the fact that COVID-19 recently killed a 39-year-old nurse who worked at Sunrise Hospital, according to the Review-Journal.

Regarding his second “myth” – that government can stop the spread – it is not the government, but rather the people who are governed, who must stop the spread by social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and taking other interventions to prevent the spread. Yes, Hawaii is having a spike. But how do we compare Hawaii, which had a total of 46 COVID-19 deaths since February, with Nevada, which reported 38 deaths on Aug. 21 and more than 1,172 deaths in total?

It is not the government, but rather, “We the People” who must stop the spread by listening to reputable doctors and scientists who have studied infection prevention and not just those pandering political rhetoric. Which brings us to Mr. Joecks third “myth,” that if it weren’t for President Donald Trump, the pandemic would be over.

Since February, Mr. Trump has called the pandemic a Democrat hoax, said it would go away by April, promoted magical and fake “cures” and discounted science and the medical experts for the likes of Stella Emmanuel, a doctor who may be in trouble with the Texas Medical Board for promoting hydroxychloroquine, according to new accounts.

It is the responsibility of the “government” — and indeed of responsible media — to promote the truth, not false narratives that bolster one side of a politicized pandemic that has already killed more than 170,000 Americans.

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