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LETTER: CCSD grading policy gets an A?

In response to your recent story, ”CCSD grading policy earns an ‘A’”:

Grades won’t be influenced by attendance, participation and late assignments. Why bother going to class at all? Students will no longer receive a grade below 50 percent. Why bother turning in work when you will still receive a 50 percent? Students can retake tests to try to receive a higher grade. When I was in school, one test and that was the grade you received.

I’m sure parents of students who attend the Clark County School District are happy. But how can you be a teacher and know you are passing students on when they haven’t learned anything?

All the school district cares about are numbers and how many kids can graduate with false grades. When my kids were in the district, the grades they received were true. If one of my kids got an F, I knew she would have to work harder to bring that grade up. Now, nobody cares.

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