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LETTER: Biden’s inflation is a tax hike on the poor, middle class

President Joe Biden promised no tax increases on those earning less than $400,000. His first day in office, he closed down the construction of the Keystone pipeline. The result? We are no longer an energy independent country actually exporting oil. Instead, we’re paying $4 per gallon for the same gasoline we bought for just $2 eight months ago.

This is a tax due to a political agenda, as are the increases we are seeing on the vast majority of consumer goods. Please don’t believe the economists who claim this situation is transitory. They’re the ones driving the bus, and the road is going to get only bumpier for the average American.

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LETTER: The Supreme Court and the Texas abortion law

The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to decide on whether vigilantes can enforce a ban on abortion while a ban on abortion is clearly unconstitutional until Roe v. Wade is overturned.