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LETTER: After Roe falls, it’s time to be angry

Sunday’s editorial (“After Roe falls, keeps protests peaceful”) reminded me of the joke, “But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” Your editorial spent a half page bemoaning a violent reaction while a 50-year civil right was stripped from women. There is no more fundamental right than having control over one’s body. I am sure Mrs. Lincoln had time to think about the play after she buried her husband.

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LETTER: Teacher salary issue a matter of debate

Members of the Clark County School District Board of Trustees defined the threshold for Las Vegas teaching competence when they decided you don’t even need a degree to fulfill that role.

LETTER: The IRS army gets bigger

If the IRS wants to collect tens of billions of dollars at essentially no cost, Congress should rewrite the laws.

LETTER: DMV goes all appointment

Yet agency websites aren’t clear when drivers can handle their business online.