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LETTER: A tale of 2 taxing philosophies

Your Oct. 16 article “Town Halls,” reflected Joe Biden’s comment about raising corporate tax rates to 28 percent. During the past four years, we have all witnessed the difference in the two opposed political philosophies of heavy taxation on corporations vs. less taxation on corporations to provide more jobs.

After the demonstrated positive result of the latter philosophy being enacted over the past four years, and seeing my neighbors actually being able to provide a roof, three squares, schooling and clothing to themselves and their offspring, how can anyone possibly consider going back to the first philosophy? This backward plunge would be akin to burning your hand on a stove and then putting your hand immediately back on the stove to prove that it was the stove that actually burnt you.

Have the Democrats lost the common decency of wanting to see their neighbors able to prosper, take care of themselves and their children and live a sustainable and comfortable life? They used to be for the working man. Now it seems all they want to do is ensure that man/woman cannot find a job because the corporations have fled the country due to high taxes.

Of course, they apparently think the end product of their philosophy, which is to keep millions of people on welfare and food subsidies, is honorable. I consider that philosophy as modern day slavery, while so many have no choice but to stay on Uncle Sam’s plantation waiting for a handout from the master.

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