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LETTER: A big “no” to Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

Re: Your Saturday editorial on student loan amnesty: At age 18, after graduating high school, I attended college in New York City. It was the 1970s. I had moved out of my parents’ house (I rented an apartment by myself) and consistently worked two jobs — always manual labor. Sixty- to 80-hour work weeks were common, sometimes more. And I competed on the wrestling team and powerlifting for four years. Sleep was optional. I graduated in 1981 with a GPA of 3.6 and had no student debt.

I would like to add that in 1981, before I graduated, I purchased a new car for $10,200. The interest rate was 23 percent. I paid off the loan in 1½ years.

To those complaining about college debt, I say “get a job or two or three. I did it, and so can you. All you need is a little motivation and less pampering. The government does not need to pay for you with my tax dollars.

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