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Highlights from President Donald Trump’s Las Vegas speech — VIDEO

President Donald Trump spoke at the Nevada Republican Party’s convention on Saturday in Las Vegas. Here are a few highlights from the speech:

On Dean Heller:

Trump thanked U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, noting “He was with me all the way, once we got elected … . A little bit shaky in the beginning.”

“He cut your taxes and nobody fought harder to cut your taxes than Dean Heller, let me tell you,” Trump said.

“I don’t believe any advministration, any president, has come close to what we have done”

On North Korea:

“We have a good chemistry together, Kim Jong Un … we are well on our way. We signed an agreement that said we will begin immediately denuclearization. We already got back the hostages. I saw today well Obama got back hostages too … but he paid $1.8 billion.”

When he talked about getting back the remains of troops who died in the Korean war, he got a standing ovation and the crowd chanted “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

On trade:

“We probably lost $500 billion in trade with China last year “

“NAFTA has been a disaster for our country.”

“We are renegotiating NAFTA. It’s got to be a fair deal. We can’t do this anymore.”

He said that Trudeau is “a nice guy” but we “can’t have” the trade imbalance.

“We are working on Canada, we are working on Mexico. We are working on the European Union.”

“They don’t talk to President Bush, President Obama … they said OK, let’s leave it for Trump. Let’s leave North Korea for Trump. Let’s leave immigration for Trump.”

“They left us a lot but I’m actually having a good time.”

“The fact is we need more Republicans because the Democrats are obstructionists.” He drew boos when he mentioned Pelosi and Schumer.

On immigration:

Immigration platform “is strong borders, no crime.”

“MS13 all over our country.”

“We want a merit based system so they can help us.”

On U.S. Rep. Jacky Rosen, Heller’s opponent:

“Dean really helped us. You were fighting hard for us. Dean Heller…. His opponent wants to raise taxes (boos from the crowd). Should I mention her name? (No’s from the crowd)

“I have a great nickname for her but I’m not going to …..” (the crowd egged him on to say it)

“I won’t do it but…. Wacky Jacky”

He said that she is now “campaigning with Pocahontas”

“Wacky Jacky is campaigning with Pocahontas, can you believe it? … And they don’t know how to say Nevada.”

These people want tax increases. They want open borders. Look at MS13, we take them out of this country by the thousands. They’re flowing.”

“Our immigration laws are a laughing stock all over the world. We’re the only country that says, ‘Please would you like to register.’ Other countries say get the hell out.”

He said we have to have a wall, prompting “Build the wall!” chants from the crowd.

On health care:

Trump referred to “a man” who “walked in and was like thumbs down, thumbs down” to his repeal and replace plan. “He campaigned on repeal and replace for years. Repeal and replace. Nobody talked to him. It was a done deal. Then he walked in and said thumbs down. That’s alright because we essentially gutted it anyway.” Trump never mentioned John McCain by name.

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