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Get a good night’s sleep

Much has been happening while you sleep.

Sleep product companies are building better mattresses, pillows and sheets to ramp up your rest quotient each time you lay down.

And it’s personal, said Eugene Alletto, CEO of Bedgear.

“The concept of one-size-fits-all is completely barbaric,” he said. “You would never share the same pants with another person if your size didn’t match. It wouldn’t fit; it wouldn’t work for you. So why do that when choosing a bed or a pillow?”

Technology and software have made it easier to cater to the public’s desire for a better night’s sleep. Bedgear created an algorithm to find the just-right mattress, pillow and sheet set to fit your personal sleep profile.

“We built a series of products that integrate each other so that when you lay down on that bed it is personalized just for you,” he said. “Personalization allows (for) smart alignment and for your muscles to relax and (your) organs are not laboring while you sleep.”

When you walk into a Bedgear retailer, such as RC Willey, they fit you to the company’s latest designs.

“We have come so far in technology in just the last few years,” Alletto said. “It’s more than ever about comfort.”

Bedgear launched its Ver-Tex technology expansion with a new line of cool-to-the-touch sheets and blankets. It provides humidity control throughout the night.

“Your hair isn’t tangled. You aren’t pulling moisture from the skin around sensitive places such as the eyes,” he said. “You wake up feeling so refreshed.”

The Storm Series of pillows with Ver-Tex 6.0 Climate Control Fabric is cool and deflects heat away from your head as you sleep.

“The head is like a chimney, and you breathe out moisture, it can get uncomfortable,” Alletto said. “This (pillow) draws that humidity away and you sleep so much better.”

Bedgear’s new Storm Series’ React Conforming Suspension contours to your body’s shape and alleviates pressure points as you move around at night. Oprah magazine and celebrities Rachel Ray and Mark Cuban have trumpeted Bedgear’s pillows and sheets for years.

“We are constantly exploring and developing properties to enhance the sleeping experience and marry that with the tactile,” Alletto said. “We want it to be the best sleep possible.”

A restful night is all about the layering, said Craig Reynolds, chief merchandising officer for Sheex performance bedding and sleepwear company.

“From the mattress to the pillow, we wanted to come up with products that enhanced one another,” he said. “You have to layer the technology on your bed so that all the products enhance one another.

They have poured over the design and feel of every layer, from the middle of the mattress to the core of the pillow and the sheen of the sheets.

“All of those things are working together when you put it on your bed,” Reynolds said. “You are getting the cooling benefits of the mattress, sheets, the pillow itself and the protector on the pillow and on the pillow case.”

Sheex Ice Cool fabric for both pillows and mattress protectors has been popular among new and old fans of the longtime sleep product company.

“People put their hands on the fabric, and they are amazed it can be that (cool) at room temperature,” he said. “We decided to take that technology to other classifications other than the mattress and it has been a huge success.”

The Sheex fabrics can transfer body heat nearly two times more than the average cotton sheet can. This allows you to feel cooler as you sleep and therefore sleep better because your body isn’t trying to regulate temperature on its own while trying to rest.

“It makes for a much more restorative sleep,” he said.

Sheex recently announced 25 new product additions to their home bedding lineup as well as four new hybrid mattresses. Through evaporative cooling, Sheex’s laundry list of sleep products are cooler to the touch and transfer moisture and heat away from you as you rest through evaporative cooling.

“The inside of our pillow is memory foam that is infused with gel beads that have cooling properties,” he said. “From the inside and interior and protector itself it is doing a lot.”

The company created the 828 Motion performance sleepwear because clients loved the sheets so much they wanted to wear them in casual comfort.

“There’s a lot happening,” Reynolds said. “People are becoming a lot more interested in how they can sleep better.”

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