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Man who killed family, self had record of domestic abuse

Out-of-state police records suggest Jason Dej-Oudom had a decade-long history of abusing his wife and kids before he killed them and himself in Las Vegas in June.

Man facing 2 murder charges indicted in 3rd shooting

A 30-year-old man facing murder charges in two separate shootings has been indicted in connection with a third shooting at an automotive repair shop, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Potential jurors see robbery defendant, unaware of racist head tattoos

A panel of potential jurors in a Las Vegas courtroom did not seem to notice that the white supremacist tattoos on Bayzle Morgan’s face and bald head were covered with makeup Monday, as they will be for the rest of his robbery trial.

Neo-Nazi gets makeover to hide tattoos from jury

As potential jurors enter Courtroom 11D at the Regional Justice Center for a robbery trial on Monday, they will not see the teardrop tattooed just below defendant Bayzle Morgan’s right eye, or the swastika within a clover under his left eye.

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