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Best practical tips for test driving a new or used car

There is lots of advice out there on the best ways to test drive a new or used car. Here, though, are some real world practical tips you may not have considered.

After the settlement, what happens next for VW owners?

It’s been widely reported that Volkswagen is paying a $14.7 billion fine to the U.S. government and other entities to settle allegations of cheating emissions tests and deceiving customers for its 2.0-liter TDI engines.

Popular Ford Escape gets tweaked

The automotive industry calls it a midcycle refresh. It usually occurs around the halfway point of a vehicle’s lifespan — before a full redesign — and can mean anything from a new grille and taillights to something akin to a major overhaul. You can place the 2017 Escape — now in dealer showrooms — mostly in the cosmetic category.

Yukon Denali: Flying under the radar with GMC’s own rock star

At 20,310 feet of elevation, Alaska’s Mount Denali is the tallest peak in North America. In automotive terms, the GMC Yukon Denali is equally formidable and makes you wonder if you and up to seven other passengers couldn’t actually power this luxo-rig to the mountain’s summit.

Park Place Infiniti opens showroom for Adoption Exchange

Park Place Infiniti is helping find adoptive families for Nevada’s waiting children by displaying The Adoption Exchange “Heart Gallery” in its showroom this summer.

You should spend more money for a better used car

One of the reasons for buying a used car is you can save money because of the lower sticker price. What you should consider, though, is spending more money because it could actually save you money in the long run.

Terrible Herbst service stations offer gasoline, diesel, electricity

Terrible Herbst service stations and convenience stores are now offering DC fast charge stations at a dozen strategic locations in the Las Vegas Valley to complement traditional gasoline and diesel fuel pumps.

Why is the Takata air bag recall taking so long?

An acquaintance brought her Honda in for an oil change. She casually asked how long it was going to take to get the recalled air bag replaced. She was shocked to find out there is a six-month backlog.

Cadillac XT5 has a new name, but just how new is the vehicle?

You have to give Cadillac full marks for introducing a constant stream of new or reworked models to tempt us. We’re only part way into the 2016 model year and already this General Motors premium division has introduced two new 2017 vehicles.

How are autonomous cars going to be insured?

By now much has been written on autonomous cars. They are vehicles equipped with special sensors and terabytes of data that help propel them down the road sans human driver.

If there’s such a thing as practical indulgence, Infiniti QX60 might be it

It’s easy to forget that many buyers with the means and desire will forgo upscale sedans and head for something a bit more substantial. That’s especially true for people with families to tote around and recreational toys to haul.

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